EcoCloud Latex Hybrid Mattress by Winkbeds

EcoCloud Latex Hybrid Mattress by Winkbeds
EcoCloud Latex Hybrid Mattress by Winkbeds Highlights
"Baby-safe natural Talalay latex, New Zealand wool and GOTS® certified organic cotton"
Brand: Winkbeds
Firmness Medium/5
Type Latex and pocketed coils
Thickness 13''
Compatible Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
Trial 120 nights
Warranty Lifetime
Delivery Free shipping and returns
Perfect Side,Back, Stomach sleeper
Rating 4.6/5.0


EcoCloud Latex Hybrid Mattress by Winkbeds Review

Latex Magic for Sciatica!

Sciatic nerve pain are some of the most excruciating sensations a person can feel. My pain varies in intensity, but is an ever-present companion. To combat the pain, my doctor recommended firmer seats and a firmer mattress. When I sit or lay on something too soft, the pain almost instantly gets worse. But when I am on a firm surface too long, the rest of my muscles tense from discomfort. While looking online, I found information on WinkBeds' pressure relieving latex bed that is supposed to be firm and soft at various points along the body. I was simultaneously skeptical and hoping for a miracle and decided to order the bed. The mattress lives up to the "hype" and exceeds it. It actually has been a miracle. I feel soft comfort where I need it but the firmness that supports my lower back and relieves the worst of the pain. THANK YOU for inventing this bed!!! -Jonathan R

Made in the USA Super quality bed

My cousin often complains that nothing is made in America anymore. Well that's not true of at least one awesome product: the latex (and I imagine other models) WinkBed. I've been sleeping on it for a couple months now and feel so much better all over my body. I've gotten less sleep in terms of hours but more rejuvenation, which has helped me become a morning person later in life. I don't know how I ever lived without this bed! -Albert J

Affordable pain relieving latex mattress

I've read up on latex beds and decided to order one. Hoping to avoid paying a financial premium, I opted for a premium latex winkbed based on a friend's recommendation after he bought a different type of mattress from them last year. I read that the design of this bed is supposed to relieve pressure from 7 points on the body. It must be working because I have been waking up with fewer minor aches and much more energy.-Joshua L