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Address: 5321 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803, USA
Phone: +1 302-477-1195
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Christeli Danieli Memory Foam Mattress Review


While being in the military for over a decade my body is pretty beat up, which effects my sleep. This has been the most forgiving bed on my body. Neck and back stiffness has decreased throughout the night, plus I have mobility when I get up in the morning. Strongly recommend this bed for anyone with back and neck issues.-Jordan Young


After much research into the foam and traditional mattresses with regard to the product profile and customer satisfaction promises, we tested several name brand foam and coil support mattresses and decided the foam was more to our liking. Going forward, we looked online for comparable products and were impressed with the Christeli product comparisons and customer reviews. So, we decided to "pull the trigger" on the Christeli mattresses. Initially, we ordered the Madeline and it was WONDERFUL for me, the wife, but my husband found it a little too firm. We called Christeli and they suggested the Danieli and would be happy to make the exchange. We ordered the Danieli and decided to keep the Madeline as an upgrade to our main house guest room. Guests say it is a fantastic bed. We have now have slept on the Danieli mattress for 9 months - this mattress has proven to be a wonderful fit for us BOTH. Needless to say, we have been exceptionally pleased with our purchases! So much so, we ordered a third mattress, the Madeline, for our guest cottage. If you're thinking of considering Christeli products, GO FOR IT! You will not be disappointed! The products are fantastic and the customer service, stellar! Thank you, Christeli! Loyal customers, Christine and Jeff Y. Enumclaw, WA -Christine E York