OkiFlex Hybrid Mattress Review

OK mattress for me

So, I’m taking a moment to stand by a product that I actually own. As of two days ago my Babes and I purchased an OkiOki Flex Queen mattress. I must say that it’s not only super affordable but also extremely comfortable! I love that they do a brief quiz on your sleep style and what you’re looking for in a mattress. We were matched with an OxiFlex which is best suited for side sleepers whom suffer from shoulder and or back pain. It’s a hybrid mattress which means its made of memory foam as well as having pocket coils. I can go on on about out Oki Mattress! I love it!! I recommend it! –Lori V

Extremely satisfied with it

Was very skeptical about purchasing a mattress in a box. I did the proper research from all the brands, watched the sleep sherpa reviews, and found the OkiOki to have the better quality and reviews. I ordered my OkiFlex on a Wednesday and received by the following Thursday. The box contained instructions on what to do. The mattress took shape quickly and did not have an odor. Its very comfortable and I’m not moving around alot in my sleep. The cooling pad on top is nice but its slippery almost as you sit on it and slide down when near the ending. Very satisfied with my purchase and selection of mattress. I would highly recommend.-J Cowman