Relax The Back Omaha (West) in WALNUT

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Store: Relax The Back Omaha (West)
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 2819 S 125th Ave Ste 370, Omaha, NE 68144, USA
Phone: +1 402-333-2598
Zipcode: 51577
States: Iowa
Open Time:



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Lucid 10 Inch Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Hybrid Mattress Review

A little firmer than stated

Mattress arrived as if it had come via a war zone, the box was barely holding together. Some tape on ALL of the seams would go a long way here. After I sneezed to open the box, the mattress was in good condition, thankfully they're not fragile. It arrives rolled up and you open it with their included opener which cut the plastic like a champ. Before I opened the plastic, I hefted it upstairs myself without much issue, besides the wife telling me I'm an idiot and should have waited for her. I'm not sure why, if I fell down the stairs I would have landed on this soft mattress! My one critique here is that the natural way it unrolled made the bottom of the mattress come out on top. This may be entirely random based on who at the factory rolls it, but it would be nice to have it unroll right side up.

I waited for a few weeks to make sure I gave this mattress a fair shake before I reviewed it. It's comfortable. We replaced our old mattress because I was waking up every morning with a sore back. After a couple weeks with this mattress I can safely say that this isn't an issue anymore. If you try hybrid mattress at your local cartel, the firmness seems to be equivalent to the Sealy medium firm hybrid. It's just very slightly stiff for me at 160lbs and a side sleeper but I'm not complaining at all and I'm used to it now, If I sleep on my back the firmness is just about perfect. I tend to have a sleep temperature as if I was on fire, in fact if you lit me on fire I might cool down. That said I don't find this particular mattress to retain much heat for me. The mattress does a great job of isolating movement. I'm not sure if it's the same as a purely foam mattress but it must be pretty close. The wife tosses a lot at night and If I hooked up a generator to her while she slept, she could power the house. On the old spring mattress I would wake up a lot from her movement, but on this one I never feel it (unless I'm getting kicked in the face) and sleep much better. Because this is a hybrid mattress, there are springs in the base layer instead of all foam. I previously mentioned that the all foam mattresses felt dead, well this mattress does give the immediate spring back we're used to. So, when we roll over at night the mattress immediately returns to support you instead of the slow rebound with pure foam. This helps during recreational activities since the mattress gives your bouncing energy back, which means less fatigue. —This Nathan