SleepOvation 700 Tiny Hybrid Mattresses Review

Ignore the others this is the one!

I did not like waiting for my mattress to arrive even though I saw the delivery estimates before purchasing. The customer service rep was nice and informative so that made the process better. Have to say that it was very difficult for me to transition to the sleepovation technology. It’s very comfortable with a good amount of firmness, but in the morning my body was not happy. I was waking up sore. Like really sore. I called them. Wanted a refund. The nice rep explained that this was normal for some sleepers and gave me some tips. I learned that using the box instead of plywood or Bunkie board over a slatted frame is not a good idea. So I got some plywood and went back to sleeping on the individual support. Around two to three weeks later I was waking up feeling awesome. My lower back pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it but I felt good, really good. I think there’s probably a lot of people out there that will have trouble transitioning to the individual support so I wanted to give my review to encourage people to stick with it because the mattress has been life-changing for me. There are a lot of mattress companies out there, but none like this one. If I hadn’t stuck with it, I’d be cranky, calling some other mattress company requesting a return and then doing it all over again with the next one. Hats off to SleepOvation for making a product that really works and hiring a social media guy that won the internet.-Chad R

Honest Mattress review

Recently got this mattress, have had really bad lower back pain for about 2 years following a surgery. I will say back pain aside I love this mattress and my husband does as well, it really does conform to your body! I do think my pain is improved in the mornings when it was the worst! They do recommend 30 days before you know just how well it will help improve. Overall I would definitely purchase again and recommend to friends! –Sarah S

This mattress is the best!

I was having back trouble & after the third visit with my chiropractor, he told me I needed a new mattress. I told him I was lost on which brands are the best, so he told me about SleepOvation. I came home, checked out the mattress online and liked everything I read about it. The sale price helped too and the $50 I got off the price because of my chiropractors recommendation was a plus, so I ordered the mattress! There was great communication about when it would be delivered, so that worked well. My brother helped me set it up, which was very easy. My first night on the mattress was good and it got better as I got used to it and happily I wake up every morning feeling great and no more pain! I highly recommend this mattress and I have told everyone I know about it! –Catherine D