The Shoppe in BRADLEY

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Store: The Shoppe
Origin: Made in USA
Address: 189 N Kinzie Ave, Bradley, IL 60915, USA
Phone: +1 815-939-4014
Zipcode: 71826
States: Arkansas
Open Time:

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Lucid 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Reliable mattress

This is the best darn mattress I have ever bought. I've owned it since Aug 2015, and have even moved across the country with it. For the record, this review is thorough, and therefore, not G rated.

Assembly Factor

Take it out of the box, cut open the bags, and let it rise! Could it be any easier? Mine expanded fairly quickly, and I slept on it about 9 hours after I opened it up, but keep in mind, altitude, as well as humidity, will affect the timing.

Comfy Factor

You don't even feel the mattress when you're asleep on it ... it's like being asleep in space, that's how comfy it is. I'm a cold sleeper and it helps to keep me warm, which is great. My husband is a hot sleeper, though, but this bed doesn't make him sweat all night, either. On our old mattress, he'd toss and turn, but he doesn't at all on this one. You just kind of go comatose in this bed, which is excellent.

Clean Factor

In the fall and spring, I used to like to clean my mattresses by steaming them, and then throwing them outside for a day to bake in the sun and catch a breeze. NOT ANYMORE! I don't have to. It comes with it's own mattress cover, which you just unzip, throw in the wash, and then zip right back on. Easy Peasy. I have spilled red wine, beer, water, coffee, and gosh knows what else on this mattress, and it doesn't have any way to sink through the whole thing given the materials it's made of. I could definitely see this mattress as being perfect for adults and children with issues of incontinence, or just with a terrible habit of having breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed.

Adult Entertainment Factor

This mattress isn't bouncy so, the memory foam allows you to create a sturdy, yet comfortable, base for all your adult activities. The material absorbs sounds created by movement, and even creates an overall dampening effect on the actual bed itself so, if you like to hear the bed squeak, the springs, all that ... get a posturpedic and spend a couple thousand dollars every couple years. —MJH