Tulo Liv Foam Mattress Review


I bought this mattress during their Fourth of July sale due to their appealing price. At first I was really skeptical since I have not tried out the mattress in person and the whole bed in a box trend, but I have tried out their other mattresses. I took the leap of faith and absolutely loved it from the first night I slept on it. The mattress is a nice mix between medium and firm. It’s soft in all the right places and supportive and the places I need. I have lower back problems due to sleeping on poor mattresses, but the tulo liv have relieved me of my problems! I absolutely love this mattress.-Orange

Back and neck relief

I purchased my first Tulo Liv Mattress (Queen size) just before Easter and put it into the living quarters of my horse trailer (much like and RV inside). I enjoyed the mattress two weekends in a row. It wasn’t until I returned from vacation later in May that I realized after sleeping on this mattress for about 9 nights in a row how much it truly did benefit my body! When we got home me and my husband were horribly uncomfortable on the very expensive mattress (another brand) at home in our bedroom that was only about 3 years old. I made it just 2 nights before I was online to purchase another new Tulo Liv Mattress just like the one in my horse trailer – except in King size for my bedroom! Long story short I have purchased 2 of these mattresses in less than 2 months for myself and last night another one for my father in law. Upon my recommendation our friends purchased one for the living quarters of their horse trailer just this morning. My back and neck feel so much better it is almost hard to believe. You hear stuff like this on advertisements and assume it is a marketing propaganda – but I am here to tell you – buy one of these you will not regret it. –Horsewings2012