Yaasa Hybrid Mattress

Yaasa Hybrid Mattress
Combination of foams and pocket coils for adjusting to your individual needs

Yaasa Hybrid Mattress Highlights

Brand: Yaasa
Mattress Firmness: Medium Soft/4, Medium Firm/6.5
Mattress Construction Type: Foam and Pocketed coils
Mattress Thickness: 12″
Compatible for Bed Frame Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King
Mattress Sleep Trial Time: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Delivery: Free shipping and returns
Perfect For: Side,Back, Stomach sleeper
Customer Rating: 4.9/5.0


Yaasa Hybrid Mattress Review

Good purchase experience and mattress

Buying a mattress online can be kind of scary, but Yaasa made the process convenient and instilled confidence in my purchase. It was so much easier than going into a mattress store where it can be really overwhelming with added pressure from salesmen! It’s easy to setup and the mattress is so comfortable. The design and materials feels so luxury and it’s nice to support a company with an eco-friendly mission. There are even handles on the mattress cover (they thought of everything!). Yaasa treats customers as individuals and not just a number (like with some other online mattress stores). Overall, I would highly recommend! What is there to lose?!-Shelby

One mattress fits well with both of us

We bought a Yaasa Medium Firm style back in summer and love it! My significant other mostly sleeps on her back and I sleep mostly on my side, so we were looking for something that caters to both our needs. The Medium Firm offers the right amount of support for her and the right amount of give for me. We both love that it has a little bounce to it too. -Frank F

Tailor-made mattress with competitive price

After trying three other bed and a box brands, I was getting concerned we wouldn’t find one that was comfortable for my husband and Me. After getting the Yassa king mattress, we were thrilled to finally get one that we both liked! Some other brands have tufting which actually makes support uneven feeling. This mattress has a nice smooth surface so no matter your size you feel well supported along your entire body. When I was comparing mattresses, what drew me to Yaasa was the combination of latex with foam and springs, it’s made in the USA, and the very competitive price for a king size with a fair return policy. I would recommend this mattress for anyone who wants to try a hybrid which I personally think is the way to go for longevity and comfort. Please note that we let our mattress breath for a few days before using it because there is some off-gassing which I would think is normal for anything with foam or latex materials. -Katie Thoma